Our Approach

Alphabetic Kids is a pre-school and believes truly in enhancing the concept of learning. Our goals of preschool programs are to help children acquire social skills and learning-related skills which is beneficial for all our children. Our programs are especially important for children in guiding them toward healthier development and giving them the tools they need before school entry. We provide early childhood education and care for children, and help them develop a range of skills that make them ready to learn when they start school.

Our focus is to make them learn skills to step into the better world and make sure they are active to learn & have a natural desire for the same. We focus on making them learn some handful skills which are useful to them for brighter future.

Our first motive is to make them aware of social skills, that is the ability to empathize and interact successfully with their peer group, and also relate easily to adults. This is what makes Alphabetic Kids Best Nursery School in Virar.

Second, language skills which mean the ability to have adequate language skills in order to benefit from experiences in facilitating their cognitive, educational and social development.

Furthermost teach them about Executive function skills, the ability to hold and manipulate information in the brain, plan and regulate one’s behavior, problem-solve, and be creative.

Emotional self-regulation skills, the ability to adapt behaviors depending on the situation, to control impulses and to shift attention.

Self-regulation in learning skills, the ability to postpone immediate satisfaction to attain long-term goals, sustain attention, be persistent, and remain concentrated.

We believe in giving our children boost and preparing them to foot into next stage of schooling. As part of their pre-schooling, we make sure we develop the capacity to contribute to children’s cognitive and social development and to reach out to parents to make them full partners of children’s early education.