Alphabetic Kids aims to advance children’s development. We promote learning-related strategies, rely on an effective curriculum and be comprised of qualified preschool teachers. Several educational strategies are implemented within preschool programs to promote children’s learning-related skills.

For example, children are encouraged to use private speech to verbalize their objectives and to evaluate their performance with their friends in order to build self-confidence. Our trained teachers use effective educational strategies are required in early education programs to promote children’s education, behavioural and basic manners.

What makes Alphabetic Kids Best Preschool in Mumbai?

  • Children are active and cognitively engaged in their learning
  • Instructional goals are clear
  • Teachers have positive and meaningful interactions with students, in turn allowing them to track children’s progress and make the necessary changes
  • What is taught builds on children’s prior learning
  • It is comprehensive.
  • How important rules & regulations are to life.
  • To have basic etiquettes & ethics to maintain with personas.
  • This is what makes us Best Preschool in Mumbai.